6 tips to make your nails grow faster

Are your nails dull and breakable and do they have a short lifespan?  Give them a new release with these 6 practical tips which will make your tired nails grow more quickly! 

1/ Protein oil

You can give your tired nails a protein oil soak before going to sleep in order that they grow more quickly. This magical oil will also help the fine skin on your hands to regenerate more quickly. The tutorial is  here.

2/ Brewers yeast

 Brewers yeast  is known to have certain benefits regarding the resistance of your nails and hair. You can find it in the form of capsules in organic shops which must be taken as a cure for several months.

3/ Organic almonds

10 organic almonds per day= the dose of vitamins which you require on a daily basis in order to have nails (and hair) in perfect health!

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4/ Push back your cuticles

By pushing back your cuticles  you will clear the skin which inhibits the new nail to grow. You can use wooden or plastic sticks to do this.

5/Hydrate your hands

The more your cuticles and nails are hydrated the more nourished they will be be and thus they will grow faster. Make use of the moisturizing hand cream!


6/ Reduce your use of nail polish

Sorry girls but nail polish is not beneficial for your cuticles. Unless they are filled with natural active boosters for regrowth varnishes generally have the effect of stifling  the nail.  One must try to reduce their utilisation and opt for more  natural formulas. One must also stop using nail polish removers which are too chemical!

ongles qui poussent plus vite

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