6 tips to make sexual pleasure last

Slow down to increase your pleasure

When you have your legs in the air but your partner is too eager to get on with it and may finish to early? Learn how to make your pleasure last and help prevent early ejaculation with these sex tips. For frolics that will last the whole evening!

1/ Ban certain positions

Ejaculation happens all the faster when your partner’s muscles are tense. Some positions are more likely to trigger it: avoid the missionary if you want to ride it all night, and take the reins by choosing a position where you are on him. You will be able to control all its movements.

2/ Take breaks

Slow down the pace, and dare to take breaks when the excitement is at its peak. Then resume, re-arrest, and do not forget to vary the pleasures.

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3/ Tell him to play sports

Sport, out of the bedroom, allows our men to work their endurance, you will notice his performance increasing in the bedroom

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4/ Breath

When your man feels his pleasure build up too much, tell him to breathe very deeply, to regain control of his body.

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5/ Make foreplay last for longer

Without penetration, fewer problems of premature ejaculation! Raise the temperature slowly, to increase the pleasure.

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6/ Muscle your intimate region

We often talk about muscling our pelvic floors, for easier orgasms, but did you know that your partner too can indulge in these activities, and thus allow a delayed orgasm? Every day, contracting his “pelvic floor” for 10 seconds, releasing it and repeating the exercise for 3 minutes would allow him to improve significantly.

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