6 tips to dress for less!

Fed up of having to wait for the sales to be able to shop for new clothes? We have 6 tips to help save you money for your next shopping trip, saving you money all year!  

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1/ Find a fault in the garment

Find a fault with the item of clothing you want to buy such as a missing button, stains, make-up marks etc. and show them to a store employee. You should be able to get 10 % off or more depending on how bad the faulty item is. We don’t recommend making faults onto the clothing yourself to benefit from the reduction, if you get caught you will get in trouble.

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2/ Shop on a Thursday

Thursdays is the day that stores and boutiques look over their stock levels and make reductions on what they want to sell quickly!


3/ Sample sizes

If you’re lucky to be very small, you can fit into the small sample sizes that are for sale at designer sales. You can pick up some fantastic unique pieces for very cheap!

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4/ Hit the charity shops!

Vintage stores and charity shops have the great advantage of selling unique items that you can’t find in stores, for very cheap! Many people get rid of their clothes when they are in perfectly good condition or still in fashion. You need to be patient and hit the charity shops without a specific item in mind, that way you won’t be disappointed and will find unexpected gems to add to your wardrobe.

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5/ Hunt online

It’s common knowledge, online is cheaper; it’s normal they don’t have the costs of stores to include in their prices. Shopping online means you can do some camparisons and find the specific item you want for the cheapest price. Second hand stores online are also increasingly popular to find great pieces sold by those who are wanting to clear wardrobe space. Think about organsing a clothes exchange party amongst your friends or use some of the websites that organise such events. You can also consider selling some of your clothes online to raise some extra funds.

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6/ Hit the sales on the last day

Hitting the shops on the last day of the sales is a way to get the best discounts, as stores are doing everything they can to clear stocks!

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