6 tips to draw the perfect line with your eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is a complicated task which can give you really hard times each day. An even if the line if perfect on one eye, you will certainly not be able to do the same thing on the other eye. There isn’t any secret to do it perfectly, the only thing you can do is train, repeat and correct until you start to be good at tracing it. However, here are 6 tips which can help people who are looking for the best technique. 

1) Pick the right product for you

eye-liner 1

Each single brand sells eyeliners. There can be different types depending on what you need.

  • A kohl pencil needs to be sharpened regularly to give you a fine line but it can help you to smoke out the line if you want a sultry look.
  • The liquid eyeliner allows you to be precise and gives a really intense and fine line. However the applicator can sometimes be thick so try the product beforehand to be sure it will work for you. Some people like flexible applicators and some people don’t.
  • An eyeshadow that you wet a little and apply with a liner brush can also be really precise but maybe less intense. If your line isn’t perfect people won’t notice it and it is easier to correct your line when you use this method.
  • A gel liner or a cream can give you a really intense line. Only try and apply it with a good brush.

2) Incline your mirror and lean on your face with you fingers to have a better stability

By looking downwards, you’ll have a better access to your lashline and your lashes won’t interfere.

eye-liner 2

3) Draw a fine line

Start from the middle of the lid and proceed towards the outside corner of the eye. If your start from the inner corner, you might have too much product on the brush and getting a fine line might be difficult -only use what is left on the brush to do the inner corner.

eye-liner 3

4) You can use tape or a card to create your wing

Stick a piece of tape along your lower lash line and going upwards toward the eyebrow. Use this as a guide to trace your line.

eye-liner 4
Once you remove the tape, use a cotton bud to get a perfect line. You may use micellar water to remove traces without leaving any oil on the face.

eye-liner 5
You can do pretty much the same thing with a card.

eye-liner 6

eye-liner 7
If you want a thicker line, remember to join the line you’ve already created.

eye-liner 8

5) Don’t stretch your eyelid

Some people stretch their skin outwards when tracing the line. The problem is that it can create ridges and ruin your line. However, you can try to lift your eyelid upwards to get a nice smooth skin.

eye-liner 9

6) Don’t make things worst

If your line isn’t perfect don’t try to add more product in order to hide your mistakes. Soak a cotton bud in the tiniest amount of micellar water and work on the edges. You may even be able to use the cotton bud only if the product isn’t dry yet.

eye-liner 10

Picture credits: Cynthia Dulude/Youtube