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6 Tips to avoid awkward silences on a first date

It can be so awkward when you have silences during a first date!

Do you have a fear that you will have some lingering quiet moments with a new date? Those silent moments where you do not know what to say to him (and vice versa) are not, however, flaws. On the contrary. It can sometimes be enough to unpick a smile that says a lot to transform them into a real moment of complicity. Here are some tips to avoid awkward silences, or at least, exploit their potential.

1/ Organize your appointment in a place you like

A cinema trip, an original bar or an unusual place, the place of your first date can have a great influence on your topics of conversation. If you’re a shy person, a romantic or comedy movie can be the perfect start, and at least you’ll have a conversation topic on hand if you decide to continue the evening together.

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2/ Transform the silences into complicit gestures

Silences are not always a bad thing. In romantic comedies this is the crucial moment that the hero of these ladies chooses to kiss his partner. You can do exactly the same (unless the awkward silence occurs within a few seconds after his arrival …). Or give them a sexy smile, your eyes planted in his with a naughty look.

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3/ Ask questions, and take the opportunity to bounce back

You know very little, it’s normal not to know what to say, sometimes. But if you knew all the opportunities available to you to bounce back with some answers! A subject he talks about that you care about? Do not hesitate to share your vision. He’s talking about his family? Be interested and ask questions (first names of brothers and sisters, what they do in life, in short, everything to continue the interaction). In general, when we ask questions, they are returned in return, which is intended to fuel the conversation, and to avoid a little bit the moments of heavy silence.

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4/ Don’t talk about your ex

We can never have said enough, to speak about an ex during a first date is not the best way to build a good base during your first meeting! A subject that can very easily lead to a silence, but frustrating, this time…

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5/ Identify when the conversation is weakening

If you or your date begin to sway you from trivialities, then, forgive our frankness, but better be silent. Estimate the moment the conversation is beating and change the subject. The weather is fine, but you don’t care about the weather elsewhere…

Capture : First Date, Richard Tanne

6/ Return to a previous topic

If you feel that you have exhausted all the subjects of conversation, you can come back to a previous conversation, where you may not have expressed everything you wanted to say. It takes a bit of dexterity, but you should get there.

Capture : TV show Chuck, Josh Schwartz & Chris Fedak/McG

Do not forget, however, that the first date must not lose its naturalness. Do not overdo trying to prevent silences at any price and tell yourself that everybody experiences these moments from time to time.