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6 tips for getting rid of spots quickly

Young skin or not, noone if safe from getting spots. There are thousands of reasons to why we can find ourselves with a face covered in spots. Here are 6 tips to help combat spots for good!

1/ Eat a balanced diet

No matter what your age, you can get spots because of your diet. Unhealthy sugars (milk chocolate, sweets and other snacks filled with sugars) will speed up the process. Eat a balanced diet, do some sport and sleep. This is the key to minimizing the causes of spots! If the spots are still appearing follow these tips on how to get rid off them fast.


2/ Disinfect the spot!

The first step to fight against spots is to disinfect! If you see a spot head forming and can’t restrain yourself from popping it, make sure you clean with some disinfectant. However the rule is, you must not pierce a spot. It risks of reinfecting and will take even longer to disappear. We know it is not always easy to stare at a black head or white spot and not touch it, but if you leave it alone you won’t get any more and it will go away quicker.


3/ Apply toothpaste to red blemishes.

A simple cheap trick to reduce red blemishes around nasty spots, is toothpaste. The paste will help dry out the spot and sooth out any irritations. Apply a thin layer onto clean skin at night, the next day you spot will be noticibly less visible.

brosse à dents

4/ Get your cider vineger out of the kitchen cupboard.

Another cheap tip to get rid of a spot by drying it: Cider vinegar, I’m sure you’ve got a bottle gathering dust in the back of your kitchen cupboard! With it’s antiseptic qualities, as well as drying out spots the vinegar will balance the PH levels of your skin. Pour a few drops into a glass and mix with 2 tablespoons of water. Soak a cotton wool pad and tap it against your spot. Leave to dry for 10 minutes and then rinse your face with clean water.

vinaigre de cidre

5/ We’ve tested green algae!

It’s a little hard to find but green algae is an excellent way to naturally purify your skin, and to get rid of any nasty spots. You can purchase green algae in a tube ready to use, from most organic food or health shops, for less than £10. Apply a thin layer onto your spot and leave it to work over night. Rinse warm water the next morning.


6/ A cure of essential oils

Aromatherapy is the science of essential oils. This natural technique has been used for centuries to look after your skin. For example you can use lemon essential oil to disinfect a spot or see it quickly disappear. Careful, essential oils should only be used in great moderation. Apply only a small quantity at morning and night, for perfectly clean skin.

huile essentielle de citron

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