6 tidying tips all girls should know

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Clothes, shoes, cosmetics and jewellery take up place! And with the sales you may have bought a whole lot of things which you will have to fit inside your cupboard or in your bathroom.

Do you no longer find anything? Is it a bit of a mess ?We found some solutions : 6 tips for tidying which are very practical and will allow you to organise and always know where to find anything.

A magnetic bar

barre aimantée

Do you lose little metallic objects easily? With a double sided tape and a magnetic bar you will no longer have this problem! You can stick your hair slides, your tweezers, your nail scissors and your dotting tools.

You can then install it where you want, whether it is in your office or near your bed, or in a drawer or the bathroom.

An ice tray

bac à glaçons

Clever no? Perfect for tidying away small pieces of jewellery such as earrings or rings. It will allow you to never lose your earrings and to find them easily. Decorate it if you like and store it in a drawer.

A clothes hanger

cintre et

Hangers don’t only serve to hang vests, dresses and other delicate  clothes which easily crease. In order to be more organised and to make the most of the space in your cupboard, you can hang your scarves and also your bras.

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