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6 techniques to prise your guy from his video games

The solutions are a bit extreme but they work!

It’s always the same story: after listening a while to your little woes of the day, your man only has eyes for his games console! If it’s impossible to be on time for anything, because you can’t get him away from the magic controller, here are a few practical tips that should rise him out of the armchair!

1/ Prepare something to eat

Not for him, of course (even if unconsciously, you have made an extra portion, just in case), but for yourself, in order to make him jealous when you are eating your home-made lasagne (which you made while he was finding the key to his next mission)! We bet he’ll abandon the quest sooner than he intended….

Screenshot: Youtube

2/ Pretend to be choking

If he’s not completely hooked, and is in any way attentive to your well-being, when he hears you choking, your beloved should put down the controller and come to your aid. A real life mission, rather than a virtual one!

Screenshot: Youtube

3/ Have someone ring the doorbell while you are in the shower

Have you planned an evening out, but are having no success in separating him from his precious screen when it’s time to go? Enlist a friend to show up a while beforehand, when you are int he shower. It being impossible to open the door in your birthday suit, he’ll have to move his bum from the couch!

Screenshot: Youtube

4/ Play your ace

Either naked in front of the telly, in sexy underwear or a slinky dress that shows pretty much everything….. Thus attired, he won’t be able to resist your charms!

Screenshot: Youtube

5/ Go get a cuddle, even if by force!

A tender tip that should prove its worth if your guy returns even a half of your affections! Jump him for kisses and cuddles!

Screenshot: Youtube

6/ Cut the power

A radical solution but it has been proven to work: a power cut to you seems like a thing of nothing. But wait a while for him to cool down…. he may not be best pleased with you!

Screenshot: Youtube