6 problematic situations when one wears lipstick

It’s a tough life for beauty addicts. A touch of glamour on the lips; a fatal weapon of seduction – lipstick is the beauty product to have!  Nude or ultra pigmented there is something for every woman. However the more pigmented it is the more it can smudge throughout the day and become messy. Wearing lipstick can indeed be really tricky. Here are a few situations you will probably relate to if you wear lipstick from time to time or each day. 

The red kiss

It can be really challenging to kiss someone without leaving traces on their cheeks or lips. And when you kiss a friend or a colleague on the cheek and realize that there is a huge reddish trace on their skin, removing it can be embarrassing and complicated. Fortunately, some brands came up with no transfer lipsticks which basically “clings” to your skin after drying. These formulas can be either really matte (liquid lipsticks) or really shiny (lip stains) and they last all day without feeling too heavy on the lips. This could be the best solution to wear a great color without leaving traces anywhere.

Do I drink or not?

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Drink a little glass of wine, why not. But then judging from the big mark you leave on your glass, anyone around could be able to tell to whom the glass belongs.  This could be convenient to a certain extent but most of the time, we would prefer to leave no stain at all. That is the reason why we try different techniques. We try not to touch the glass (but then get wine on our dress) or we try to drink at the exact same spot all the time (but always forget and end up finding lipstick on our nose).

No lipstick left!


You do have a favorite lipstick for special events but for some reason, you forgot to put it in your bag or you could not find it anywhere before leaving the house. And of course your friends don’t have any lipstick in their bag. There is nothing worst than running out of lipstick or being unable to buy one because it is out of stock in basically EVERY.SINGLE.STORE!

Smile like a vampire

It has happened at least once to any woman who has tried to wear lipstick. You feel glamorous but suddenly, a friend of yours points out that you have lipstick on your teeth. What is even worst is when you go back home and realize that no one told you about it and that you spent the whole night smiling with teeth painted in red or any other flashy and noticeable color. Actually, when it happens once you become so scared that it might happen again that you become an expert on the art of touching your teeth with your tongue before smiling.

Eating one’s lipstick

Did you know that women who wear lipstick swallow about 350 g of lipstick in their life? This corresponds to 24 milligrams per day! Aside from just looking sloven, recent studies have shown that this amount could be dangerous. Indeed lipsticks do not only contain wax, oils and grease but also chemical products linked to the colour, the flavour or the texture of the lipstick. In 2013, it has been shown that there were traces of metals like aluminium, lead, copper, titanium, nickel and so on in numerous brands.

Nude is the new black

If you feel like your face looks really dull without lipstick, you could be interested to know that nude lipsticks are more fashionable than ever. Why don’t you try something new?