6 hilarious illustrations before and after a breakup -SOOOO true!!!

Credits: College Humor

Comics that don’t hold back!

Shea Strauss is an American illustrator who depicts different life and love scenarios with humour and accuracy! Here are a few of her illustrations in 6 funny comics that show what really happens in a breakup!

1/ Their things

That old t-shirt you hated can become like a comfort blanket!

Credits: College Humor

2/ Memories

We would have followed him to the end of the world if he had wanted! Knowing that we were completely allergic to hiking and walking…. What we won’t do for love…..

College Humor

3/ Level of interest

When we’re happily coupled up, we pay less attention to what our other half is saying when they’re telling us about their day at work. If we had only known, we would have been more attentive….

4/ Fighting

Fighting face to face…..The cyber version is much easier!


5/ Nicknames

In terms of nicknames, whether it’s before or after the breakup, we know how to do it!

College Humor

6/ Being hit on

We may be used to saying we’re taken when a handsome stranger hits on us, except that the good news is that now you don’t have to say no! Guilt free party.

College Humor