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6 foods to avoid to say goodbye to cellulite

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Cellulite, also called “orange peel skin” is the bane of many women’s lives. Often found around the thighs, the bum, the hips and the tummy, it is an enemy that is difficult to fight, because of its stubborn character. To get rid of it, you need to have patience, commit to a healthy lifestyle, opt for certain foods and do targeted exercises. But overall, to prevent it from coming back, there are a few foods you need to avoid. Here is the blacklist of the worst of them.

1/ Raw vegetables

As surprising as it may seem, raw vegetables are not your friend in the war on cellulite. Contrary to what you might think, fruit and veg are full of water and mineral salts, which unfortunately promote water retention, which is stored in the fat cells. Despite this, vegetables are good for your health and for weight loss, don’t get us wrong. So what’s the anti-cellulite solution? Go for cooked vegetables instead.

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2/ Salt

You probably know it already, but salt causes water retention, which leads to poor circulation, and as a result, a build up of cellulite.

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3/ Meat

Fatty meat such as pork, for example, contains fats that the body has difficulty absorbing, which are directly stored in the fat cells. Go veggie!

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4/ Butter and cream

Animal fats will do you no good in terms of fighting orange peel: like with meat, the body finds it hard to break down dairy products, and it has no option but to store them and give you nice orangey skin!

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5/ Sugar

Industrial cakes, biscuits, sweets and sodas: cellulite loves these sweet treats! The body doesn’t know how to deal with excess sugar in the blood, which therefore gets stored as fat. In the same way, try not to eat fruit with your meals, but rather during late afternoon.

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6/ Ready meals

As healthy as some of them may appear, ready made meals contain far too much salt and sugar, which are needed to give them taste and to preserve them, which won’t help you in trying to rid yourself of cellulite. Rediscover the pleasures of home made food!

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5 easy natural remedies to help fight cellulite:

If not all foods are good to eat in order to fight cellulite, others are quite the opposite and extremely beneficial:

1/ Parsley infusion

Parsley has diuretic properties which are great for reducing water retention: mix an infusion made from ½ bunch of fresh parsley with a dessertspoon of lemon juice. Drink it once a day.

2/ Green tea

Rich in caffeine, green tea can drain excess water from the body, also helping with weight loss.

3/ Dandelion tea

Boil a litre of water in a pot and add a handful of dandelion leaves. Keep it on a high heat for 20 minutes and strain eat. Drink it after every meal.

4/ Cider vinegar

Cider vinegar is a versatile ally! With its high levels of potassium, it can balance sodium levels in the body, which cause bloating. A natural detox, it can drain the organism to fight against water retention. Dilute a teaspoon of cider vinegar in a large glass of water, and drink it twice a day.

5/ Artichokes

Rich in potassium, artichokes have diuretic properties which allow them to effectively eliminate water retention, as the fibre and the inulin they contain can drain water from the body.

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