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6 fashion tips to make you look taller

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Magic tips to use the art of optical illusion to gain a few inches

When you’re barely 5 ft 4, you’re often looking for any kind of clothing and accessories that will make you look taller. But you know what we’re going to say: the best of things come in small packages! But if you are looking to gain a bit of height, here are a few sneaky tricks to apply to your wardrobe to make yourself appear a few inches taller.

1/ Wear clothes with vertical stripes

To use optical illusions to make yourself look taller, go for stripes, as long as they are vertical. In fact, details on clothing (e.g. zips, pleats or creases) in vertical lines draw the eye from top to bottom and lengthen your silhouette.

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2/ Wear the same colour on the top and bottom

One-pieces are back in fashion, so make the most of it! Wearing clothes in contrasting colours (for example, a black skirt and a red top) will only have the effect of dividing your body into two distinct parts, accentuating the fact that you are petite. By contrast, wearing clothes in the one colour or at least in similar colours, you create the illusion of height.

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3/ Avoid clothes with large patterns

Clothes with very bold or large patterns can overload your silhouette, especially if you are petite all over. Choose clothes with discreet and uniform patterns.

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4/ Don’t wear oversize clothes

Don’t drown in your clothes! If they are too ample, they give the impression that you are even shorter and wider than you really are.

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5/ Go for a short haircut

Having long hair when we are short can have the reverse effect: very long hair can shorten your silhouette!

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