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6 errors to not commit in the shower

There is nothing nicer than a hot shower in order to wake up to before a day of hard labour!However this moment of pleasure and of relaxation is not always so good  if you dont adopt the right gestures?  Here are some errors not to commit under the shower, it is up to you to remember them before you throw yourself under the water…..

1/ Take a too long shower

It is difficult  to resist a jet of hot water which makes your sleepy skin quiver with pleasure! Sadly it is proven that showers that are too lengthly dry your skin……. The length to not exceed is ten minutes. By changing your habits you will not only benefit  your skin but also help the planet by economising water!


2/ Use too much hot water

Even if we love to take hot showers on cold days, one must try to reduce the temperature of the water. Water which is too hot has a bad effect on the blood circulation as well as stripping your skin.  Cold water is excellent for the firmness and the elasticity of the skin as well as for the circulation. You can end your shower with a spray of cold water. Invigorating effect assured!!

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3/ Soaping all the body

It is not dirty to not soap oneself as long as you rinse yourself. Keep soap uniquely to clean the areas where we are accustomed to sweating. Your body doesn’t need to be scrubbed all over. In fact soap sometimes has an adverse effect as with its high grease content it can deposit a film of grease onto your skin which means that your skin is not really washed. It is therefore advised to rather just wash yourself with water.


4/ Overuse chemical soaps

Soaps and shower gels dry your skin. Try to use natural products without alcohol and if you are used to washing your face in the shower rather use products without soap.


5/Don’t use your sponge too long

Many girls use a sponge to wash with their soaps or shower gel. However it is essential to wash it regularly in order to remove all the bad bacteria which accumulates in the nylon mesh. If you never change your sponge you will find yourself with a nest of bacteria! You can alternatively put it into the washing machine as long as you dont wash it under 30°C which is the minimum temperature to eliminate all the bacteria.


6/Washing your hair everyday

Washing your hair daily is very bad for your hair! If you want to have hair which is in good health avoid the water jet which creates build up due to the calcareous build up. Like soap for the body shampoo is mainly made up of greasy substances which create a viscious cycle. The more often you wash your hair the greasier it becomes. When you are on holiday or when you have a moment where you dont frequent people, try to no longer wash your hair but just to rinse it. In the beginning this will bother you but once your hair has been severed of all shampoo it will become soft and shiny again and you will see that it becomes greasy less quickly.

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