6 Easy tricks to avoid snacking


Tricks to help you stay slim

Are you a snacker? You can not help yourself but snoop in the cupboards of your kitchen at any time of the day, in order to try to find a piece of chocolate, a cheeky biscuit or some crisps? With these 6 tricks, it can help you stop this extreme greediness which, once standing on the scales could depresses you!

1/ Chew chewing-gum

Your brain can be fooled by a simple piece of gum! Indeed, the action of chewing acts on the brain, which interprets it as if you were consuming a food. A way to help calm your hunger and not snack. Of course gum that is sugar free is best

2/ Brush your teeth

Do not ignore the brushing of teeth after each meal, it could be much more useful than you think: brushing your teeth can indeed calm your urge to eat.

3/ Eat breakfast

It is a well known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! A complete balanced breakfast will keep you full all morning, without cracking for a Kinder Bueno!

Crédits : Pixabay

4/Drink water and green tea

Drinking water, especially during and after meals, swells swallowed food, and cuts off your appetite, to deter you from eating again. If some people advise against drinking during meals, it is mainly for the sake of bloating. Green tea is also a slimming ally of choice, which allows you to quickly eliminate all those ugly toxins. As soon as you have the urge to eat something sugary, put on the kettle to drink a cup of green tea.

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5/ Don’t shop on an empty stomach

Nothing worse than shopping on a rumbling stomach. Your brain is sending you signs of hunger, you are likely to go straight for the packet of cakes you will encounter on your way, and put in your trolley… Prepare a hearty meal before you start.

6/ Buy fruit instead of biscuits

If we no longer have biscuits and other sweets at home, we are no longer tempted by anything! Without frustrating you, choose to buy fruits that make you happy (figs, pears, blueberries, strawberries, bananas), to devour them without feeling guilty. You can also make delicious smoothies at the time of the snack. Bonus: clearer skin all year!

Crédits : Pixabay