6 easy tips to make home-made toys for your daughter

Develop your daughter’s artistic side!

Does your little girl balk at the suggestion to tidy her room? Unreasonable a request as it is (!), her reaction is no surprise. But if, instead of yet another trip to the toy store, you were to make something yourself, would that make matters better? An easy way to dote on your little angels, it’s also a great way to develop your their creative side. Here are 6 original ideas.

1/ A girly pouffe, made from old tyres

Are the tyres on the car past their best? Don’t throw them away, transform them into a pretty pouffe for your daughter’s bedroom. You don’t even need a sewing machine -you just need to wrap them in a large enough piece of fabric.

2/  A hand-made teddy bear

With a needle and thread, a piece of cotton and an old pair of brightly coloured socks, make a rustic style teddy bear for your daughter that she is sure to bring everywhere with her!

3/ A piggy bank from plastic bottles

Don’t throw out plastic bottles, give them a second lease of life as a piggy bank for your little girl!

4/ A toy kitchen from an old piece of furniture

Not sure what to do with old battered furniture? A lick of fresh paint and a few small adaptations can turn it into a dream toy kitchen!

5/ A dolls house by the wall

Maybe you doubt that your artistic talents can stretch to making a doll’s house for your daughter? You can stop tearing out your hair and simply use a wooden shelf with block compartments. You can design the roof on the wall by hand (or with a string if you prefer). Decorating tip: cut squares of carpet or crepe paper and stick to the back of each compartment of the shelving unit. Ta da!

6/ A wooden tambourine

With a few beer caps, two wooden circles and some brightly coloured duct tape, your little princess will pass for Esmerelda!