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6 easy tips to help lose your baby weight

Targeted tips to lose your baby weight

You are suddenly in a new stage of life, the proud mummy of a gorgeous little bundle. That said, your body has taken a bit of a blow, and you are left with a few pounds you would like to shift! Here are a few ways to get your body back, without exercising or dieting.

1/ Wait 6 weeks before you start

Be aware that after giving birth, it takes around 6 weeks for your intimate areas to start returning to their normal size. It’s the same for the rest of your body -don’t worry too much and let nature take care of it in the beginning.

2/ Try to breastfeed

Women who breastfeed lose their baby weight much more easily than others, because of the calories used up in the process.

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3/ Pamper your breasts

Your breasts have also gained weight during pregnancy (the one part that you are likely to be pleased about), but they should reduce in size once you stop breastfeeding. Prevent them from sagging by massaging them regularly. You can also spray a little cold water on them before getting out of the shower to tone the skin.

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4/ Don’t diet!

A tip that we are happy to follow to the letter of the law: Post-pregnancy diets, especially too close to the birth, will only tire you out and make you reach for the biscuit tin. Allow time to do it’s healing. You should naturally lose a few kilos, possible more easily than you imagined.

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5/ Quickly get rid of stretch marks

Start from the day after the birth: the longer you leave them, the more stubborn they get. Massage the areas you can reach every day, use body scrubs regularly and consult your doctor about more radical treatments if you wish (Vitamin A, micro-abrasion, laser treatment…).

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6/ Go outdoors with your baby!

Spend as much time as possible outdoors if you can, which will force you to exercise: taking out the buggy, going up stairs with it, carrying it, etc. You’ll be exercising without even realising it!

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