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6 DIY tips to transform a men’s shirt into a fashion item

The Felted Fox

Nothing goes to waste!

Is your man unsure of what to do with his shirts that have gotten a little too big or small for him? Don’t be so quick to throw them out, and make the most of their fashion potential! You could be pleasantly surprised. Here are 6 ideas for incredible transformations.

1/ A skirt

Transform an old striped shirt with worn sleeves into a fashionable, and completely unique skirt! Definitely something to brag about. Here is the tutorial.

2/ An off the shoulder dress

Like Brigitte Bardot in San Tropez!

3/ A pretty knotted crop top

A ‘wrap’ style crop top, that rocks! Click here for the tutorial.

The Felted Fox


4/ A child’s dress

Dressed in her daddy’s cast offs in less than 20 minutes! Find the tutorial here.

5/ An off the shoulder top

It doesn’t get more preppy than this!

6/ Open back

So sexy !