6 Different ways to wear a shirt!

The white shirt is a wardrobe classic. We all have one, it’s been worn again and again as a classic piece. However why not wear the shirt using these 6 different options to give a new stamp to the crisp white shirt. Mens shirts work really well for these looks, as they are larger and you have more fabric to play with, go on raid your mans wardrobe and use that shirt he never wears!

Idea 1:


Cut a slit at the back of a mans shirt and handsew the seams, creating a sex back.

Idea 2:


Wear the shirt the wrong way round, leaving an open back and tied bottom knot

Idea 3:


Using a mans shirt, do up the buttons to the top of your breasts and wrap the sleeves tight under the bust to create a strapless top!

Idea 4:


Do up the buttons of your shirt to your breasts and then wrap the sleeves over your arms to create an off the shoulder top.

Idea 5:


Why not tie your shirt so that it becomes a one shoulder top?

Idea 6:


Why does the shirt need to be a top? Tie it around your waist, leaving a few buttons open at the bottom to create a sext slit!

Source : Apairandasparediy