6 clothes and accessories with a hidden function you never knew about!

The hidden functions of the clothes we wear every day

Did you know the reason for the mini-pocket in your jeans, that is inside the larger one? Or why Converse runners have metal holes near the soles? Many common fashion items have hidden functions, that you never realised existed! Here are a few that are sure to surprise you.

1/ The mini-pocket in your jeans

Do you know the reason for this rectangular mini-pocket underneath the main pocket of your jeans? In fact originally, this mini-pocket was intended to accommodate a pocket watch! An ancient style of watch, with a chain attached, which dates back to the 1800s.

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2/ The two metal holes on a pair of Converse

You couldn’t have missed the two holes located near the soles of your new Cons. But you never thought to ask why they were there, always assuming that it was either a decoration or something to do with ventilation! In reality, they help you avoid doing yourself an injury by allowing you to lace the shoes up more securely.

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3/ The metal rivets in your jeans pockets

These little round metal rivets are not just for show, but they reinforce the seams of the pockets, which you could easily pull out of shape by sticking your hands in there!

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4/ The loop in the neck of a shirt

More usually found on men’s shirts, this loop allows the shirt to be dried without wrinkles! It first came into popular use in the marines, and afterwards among sportspeople.

Screenshot: Lama Fauché/YouTube

5/ The two fine ribbons attached to the shoulders of new clothes

Most high street stores have the annoying habit of attaching ribbons between the two shoulders of their clothes, simply to avoid them slipping off their hangers. That said, you can also use the ribbons in the same way at home, or snip them off if you prefer.

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6/ Smoking jackets

When we think of smoking jackets, we immediately imagine James Bond, or a chic outfit in the style of Christine and The Queens! However, originally, as the name suggests, it was a jacket for smokers: the jacket was worn going into the smoking room, and taken off immediately afterwards so as not to smell of cigarettes.

Screenshot: Christine and The Queens/YouTube