5 ways to wear a shirt, so as to never get bored of it!

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You’re never short of a shirt! Between your own and your other half‘s (that you pinch from time to time), you have a fairly full collection. However, you almost never wear them, maybe because you have too much choice! It is better to get rid of the ones you don’t wear, and only keep your favourites. Because there are a hundred and one ways to wear the same shirt, without ever getting tired of it!

1/ Vintage

Simply knot your shirt (or blouse) around the waist to transform it from day to night wear, and roll up the sleeves. For this, you may need to go for a fairly large shirt, to allow you to make the knot.

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2/ As a strapless top

Put on your shirt like a strapless top, and button it up to above your cleavage. Wrap the sleeves around your rib cage, and knot them together behind your back.

3/ Worn open over a t-shirt

Wear a fairly large shirt (or a man’s shirt) over a plain t-shirt. Accessorise with necklaces, a bag and above all, roll up the sleeves!

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4/ Cut up

More so a style to keep for Summer, but try out this shirt with the shoulders exposed! Take an old shirt that you don’t wear any more, or one of your boyfriends’, and cut out the shoulder partitions. A whole new item of clothing in just a few snips!

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5/ Customised collar

Is your shirt a bit sad and jaded? Sew some patches or prints onto the collar, or make your own free-hand designs if you dare! A great way to get more out of your clothes, for very little effort.

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