5 ways to use cellotape in your beauty routines!

With its adhesive power and ease of use, adhesive tape is used in all parts of the home, for manual work and in the office. Though its most impressive use is as a tool to help apply your make-up, nail varnish and other beauty routines. After seeing these 6 ways of using it you will never not have a roll in your makeup bag!

1) For eyeliner

liner parfait

Remove its sticky strength onto the back of your hand and then apply it to the side of your eye. This will give you a protective guide for applying flick eyeliner and creating a seductive cat eye look with ease. Purrrrrfect everytime!

2) For a graphic manicure

nail art scotch
Source : Youtube/Geri Nedelcheva

With sticky tape you can create modern abstract nail art.

3) To not mark your fingers

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If you are creating a marble affect nail style and don’t want the varnish all over your fingers, using the tape as protection will prevent mess and stains.

4) To remove glitter

Source : Beautylish

Glitter eyeshadows are great for parties and adding a touch of sparkle to your eyes. However during application it can be a nightmare as it gets everywhere. Using tape wrapped around your fingers you will be able to dab off any access with ease.

5) For defined contouring

Source : Instagram/Huda Beauty

For those who love makeup, contouring is a way of defining your features through highlighting and shadowing, flattering your bone structure and nose. Use tape on the areas you want to contour to help follow as a guide. Here is a step-by-step video