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5 ways to transform a denim jacket for summer

We’re into the first week of August, and summer fashions are well established, but one thing is for sure: the Nineties are going nowhere! The Weeknd, Emily Ratajkowski, Solange Knowles and many other stars are wearing magnificent oversized denim jackets. Levis even recently organised a brunch in which it was possible to customise some of the brand’s iconic pieces while lounging by the pool. Happily for us, just because we weren’t there doesn’t mean we can’t personalise our own denims! All you need to do is follow our advice and get customising!


We told you last summer: patches are a customisation must-have. Easy to apply, fun and colouful, badges allow you to update any outfit. If we are to believe the boutique Def-Shop, it seems that this is year’s trend is revamping! Take several small patches and stick them asymmetrically on your denim jacket, on the front and the back. Another way to wear the patch this year is “oversized”. You take an enormous oversized patch that covers the whole back, if possible with a funky message, so as not to be mistaken for a member of the Hell’s Angels! If you don’t find what you are looking for in a boutique, it is also possible to create your own heat-seal badges online.

Source : Def-Shop – How to customise your bomber jacket or denim jacket using patches

Fabric paint

Exclusively for Coachella, Luke Vicious created a jacket and khaki jeans with a desert pained on the back. Back to the paints and paintbrush with us, to try out the idea! All you need is acrylic fabric paint and a little artistic talent, to paint an original pattern to dazzle your public. If your design skills aren’t too hot, you can also use Jackson Pollock’s ‘dripping’ technique, or paint only the edges and the pockets, but in flashy or flourescent colours.

Source : Luke Vicious and his Coachella jacket

The bandana

Since we’re sticking with the Nineties, why not give the bandana a second outing? But instead of wearing it on your head, cut it and sew it to your jeans or jacket. Easy and original, this DIY tip unites two trends in one.

Source : Clumsy Chic – DIY Denim Jacket


You don’t have to be an expert in order to embroider patterns on to your denims. Whether it’s flowers, butterflies or the Rolling Stones tongue, you only need a little thread, a needle and an embroidery ring, as well as a scissors and a textile pen. Have a look at a few online tutorials before starting out and practice first on an old T-shirt. The ultimate in customising fashion is to embroider the edges of your sleeves with a first name or a personalised message.

Source : Artesane

Ethnic Chic

Personalise your denim jacket to the max with colourful ethnic fabrics sewn on the back. This gives an air of bohemian chic to your outfit, especially when accompanied with embroidery. If you have the patience, decorate it with pom poms, fringe or rhinestones. But be careful not to overdo the customising, you don’t want to end up looking like Robin Sparkles!

Source : Marie-Claire