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5 unusual techniques for incredible party makeup


Magic makeup!

Heading into Autumn, our makeup can become more colourful and vibrant, to match the changing colours of nature! Make the most of it by trying out these extraordinary makeup styles: checkered patterns, glitter lips, shimmering eyelids and more -you can believe in magic!

1/ Unique makeup effect with fishnet stockings

Put some fishnet stockings or tights over your face and dab the makeup of your choice on your lips and cheeks (preferably two-toned for an impressive result). Remove the tights and admire the effect!


2/ Create two-tone mascara using old eyeshadows

Choose a coloured eye shadow that you no longer use and scrape it out with a knife. Put the powder into your tube of mascara using a type of a funnel and apply it as normal. You can choose to do this with two different mascaras to paint your upper and lower lashes in different colours. Wow factor guaranteed!


3/ Glitter lips without glue

All you need is an eye pencil that is fairly oily, to stick glitter to your lips without having to spend a fortune on special glues.


4/ Scintillating eyelids with lip balm

Apply a little transparent lip balm all over your eyelids, and stick on some glitter. Result: an improvised and completely unique eye shadow.


5/ Make amazing eye shadow designs using tape!

Find these techniques and more in the following video: