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5 types of shoes to wear with leggings for a stylish outfit

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For those who love wearing leggings, whether Cristina Cordula agrees or not, you probably always find yourself asking the same question: what shoes can I wear with them? Here are our 5 suggestions. 

1. Trainers

Classic! A pretty pair of trainers always go very well with leggings, whether we go for classic models in white or leather material, or multi-coloured, fashion forward styles. The leggings shouldn’t be too long and should stop just above the ankle. For those of you who suffer from the cold (!) and don’t want your ankles exposed in the middle of winter, you can combine your sneakers and leggings with long socks.

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2. Heels

Incredible but true. If you have a special occasion and you would like to dress up your leggings, you can combine them with a pair of heels. These go very well with comfortable jumpers. In this case, it is again important that the leggings aren’t too long and that your ankles are visible.

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3. Thigh high boots

During winter, there is nothing cosier than pairing your leggings with thigh high boots. The boots will keep your legs nice and warm. The advantage is that with leggings, you won’t have any trouble with fitting them under your boots.

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4. Low boots

Beware: we are not talking about a pair of boots you might have worn when you were six years old on a skiing holiday with your parents (even if you have to admit that they kept you lovely and warm, stopping any rain or snow from getting in). If you are feeling the cold, you can resort to low boots or furry boots (like Uggs). With these types of boots, there are two possibilities: either you go for a casual look with a large sweater, or you decide to stay chic, teaming your leggings and boots with a dressy top and accessories.

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5. Flat shoes

You can easily wear leggings with moccasins or ballerina pumps. For a classic and elegant look, team your leggings with flat shoes in a single colour. For a more casual look, pair them with original patterns, such as zebra print or leopard print.