5 Tricks to save time in the morning

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

We’re not very good in the morning…

In the morning, it is always a race: missing the alarm going off or being indecisive on what to wear and we can suddenly find ourselves seriously delayed. Not to mention, no time for makeup, or to shower and skipping out on breakfast. We set the record straight with these 5 useful tips that will save you precious time. To you the serene mornings!

1/ Suspend your creased clothes in the shower

Nothing like steam from the shower to remove the wrinkles on those crumpled clothes you absolutely want to wear!

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2/ Prepare your outfit the night before

A trick that is logical but you often forget to do it. Selecting your outfit in the evening for the next day will avoid all last minute indecision’s. You can even try it on so you do not risk changing your mind when the time comes. This is also true for your bag, your coat, and even your breakfast!

3/Turn on the coffee machine whilst you are in the shower

Optimize your time! You will have the delicious smell of coffee that will wake you up more and the happiness of having a drink ready for you when you get out of the shower.

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4/ Have a shower the night before

A stupid trick that will save you about ten minutes, including drying. Even though we can understand the interest some have of a good hot shower to wake up. And in addition, going to bed in the evening is a delicious ritual that will allow you to fall asleep better.

5/ Eat your breakfast at work

If the appetite is lacking early in the morning, or you do not really have time to swallow something, you can bring your breakfast to work and enjoy it later. If you get up early for work, you will be hungry mid morning because you have eaten breakfast so early! Plus, you’ll win a few minutes at home again!

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