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5 tricks to recognize a counterfeit luxury brand

Know the difference between the real thing and a fake

You decided to spend all your salary in a designer handbag? An investment over the long term that will save you from buying millions of totes! Still, you will have to be content with one. If you’re not able to buy one from the store and are considering purchasing one online, it can be hard to spot a counterfeit bag. Here are the 5 signs to look out for when you are purchasing a second hand designer bag to be certain that it is the real thing and not fake

1/ The Logo label

Luxury brands pay unmatched attention to their logo. One way to tell if it is real is that the brands go above and beyond to be sure that they are perfect and full of the expected sophistication. So you will never see a badly print logo, not sewn straight or printed wrong. Note that for luxury handbags, most of the time, the logo is overprinted, i.e slightly embossed.

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2/ Fittings

No folds in the handles on the real luxury models. A handle strap that does not fit easily, a point that does not hold or a dubious malformation? No doubt, you have in your hand a counterfeit. Run away.

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3/ The stitching

It goes without saying that the seams of a Vuitton bag are perfectly sewn. You suddenly notice that the thread is chipped, that the stitching is not strong or irregular? You have the right to doubt. And it goes without saying that the straps must be all leather (feel, to see).

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4/ The lightened zips

Obviously, the peeling zippers are not part of a design for an expensive luxury bag! Moreover, they should not be too light (it would mean they are plastic, not iron) or difficult to close.

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5/ The serial number

Every luxury item must have a unique serial number, which indicates that you are in the presence of a high quality model. That said, the counterfeiting is also there, and we laid a few serial numbers sometimes difficult to decimate. To be true, the serial number must be printed on a label almost impossible to take off without damaging the number. If it is already worn before the purchase, you should have doubts.

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Finally, never buy if you are not sure of yourself. If you are on holiday and want to purchase a fake version of the bag remember that ethically, there is better investment: most of the time the money collected from the sales of counterfeiting goes to funding  terrorist organizations …