5 tips you never heard of before to help with your laundry


When we wash our clothes, and close the door of the machine after adding the detergent, we have no idea what’s really going on in its metallic depths! And sometimes, the results aren’t exactly what we had hoped for: black jumpers that have gone grey, frayed towels or white socks with a pinkish tint -your washing machine can sometimes give you the runaround. And this will be further confirmed by hotel employees, given the amount of washing they must do! Here are their 5 top secrets for how to get the most out of your washing machine.

1/ For maximum efficiency, fill your machine only to 80%

If the machine is 100% full, it may not clean your clothes properly. On the other hand, if it is not full enough, your clothes could get damaged.

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2/ There is no point in washing your clothes at higher than 60 degrees

The optimal temperature for disinfecting your clothes and removing stains is between 40 and 60 degrees. Any higher than that will not wash them any better, but rather run the risk of damaging them.

3/ Use white vinegar instead of fabric softener

Fabric softener builds up in your machine over time, and ironically it hardens your towels. To overcome this, you can replace it with white vinegar: add 100 mls to the fabric softener compartment during the rinse cycle. This technique is often used in hotel laundries. Are you slow to try it? Rest assured, your clothes won’t smell sour!

4/ Put a tennis ball into your tumble drier

If you can’t hang your clothes out to dry in the fresh air, it is highly recommended that you put a tennis ball in the tumble dryer before turning it on. This helps your towels stay soft.

5/ Dry your clothes out in the fresh air to keep them fresher and better disinfected

To make your laundry smell even better, there is nothing more effective than a molecule that is found in the fresh air, which disinfects your laundry, at the same time giving it a clean fragrance and making it pleasant to touch!

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