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5 tips to stop smoking without gaining weight

Stopping smoking without piling on the pounds, is it possible?

Did you start smoking in school to copy the cool gang? Except that now, you can no longer do without it, and are forced to admit that smoking really isn’t good for you! To regain the lungs of an athlete, and keep the body to go with them, here are a few easy tips to prevent weight loss when you are giving up.

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Why do cigarettes make you skinny?

In fact, when we put all the facts out in the open, cigarettes do not make you skinny, they just have an effect that limits hunger: by reducing your sense of taste and smell, and by association, the pleasure of eating, smoking reduces the sensation of hunger. The nicotine contained in cigarettes also stimulates your metabolism in an artificial manner, which makes you burn a few more calories every day. But are you ready to sacrifice your lungs for a few grams less?

1/ Don’t skip meals

Before even stopping smoking, try to start a healthy eating routine. Stop skipping meals, as you may have become used to doing (especially in the morning), and eat regularly throughout the day.

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2/ Swap your cigarette breaks for dynamic coffee breaks

When you were smoking, you took most of your breaks outside, which also allowed you to breathe. Don’t change these habits, just because you don’t smoke any more doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to go out and take some air! Instead of smoking, it is better to move around, maybe with a tea or a coffee. A short walk around your building won’t take you too long.

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3/ Do outdoor sports whenever the mood strikes you

If you have the opportunity, air your lungs and give them a chance to rid themselves of those toxic fumes you have subjected them to all these years. Football is an excellent way to unwind, instead of giving in to temptation, and it can be just as addictive as cigarettes! It can also help with your body goals.

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4/ Replace certain high calorie foods in your diet

To be sure not to regain the weight you have lost, you can replace certain common foods with lower calorie and healthier alternatives: choose ketchup over mayo, soya or rice milk over cow’s milk, whole grain bread over white bread, and 0% fat dairy products….

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5/ Chew chewing gum

To compensate for the feeling of always ‘missing something’, swap your packet of cigarettes for a packet of chewing gum, and pop one in your mouth when you have an urge to smoke. Don’t forget to choose sugar free varieties, obviously.

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