5 tips to remove your makeup

A makeup remover which as its name indicates gently removes any trace of makeup but this is not its only action. It allows one to free ones skin and protect it from being damaged by stress, pollution, excess sebum and other signs of sweat.  Save your skin, remove your makeup!

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According to a study carried out on the beauty habits of the french, only 62 % remove their makeup every day… without counting those who remove it incorrectly (agressive soap which is not adapted to their skin etc.). It has been proven that this beauty ritual is the first reflex for a beautiful skin which is younger for longer. Dont skimp out on this essential gesture! Here are 6 makeup removal tips which are adapted to your skin, because one does not remove makeup on a dry skin in the same way as a greasy skin.

1/ Remove your makeup from mixed skin

Opt for a gel formula which transforms into a milk when in contact with water, in order to purify the median zone without drying your cheeks. It’s generous formula which has to be rinsed balances the production of sebum and provides a greasy substance which is beneficial and allows one to retain the moisture in the areas which need.

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2/ Remove  makeup from dry skin

Favour a makeup remover which is in the form of oil or is a balm containing shea butter, sweet almond oil or glycerine in order to eliminate all residue leaving a thin comforting film on the surface of your dry skin. And above all, avoid rinsing with water because it could ave detrimental effects on your skin (especially if water is very hard in your region).

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3/ Remove your makeup from sensitive skin

Forget about foaming gels and pick a milk or an oil that you can massage gently on your skin with the tip of your fingers. It’s important to avoid using cotton because even if it feels really soft, it isn’t soft for your skin. To soothe an irritated skin, you could also use a thermal water mist and pat a towel or a tissue gently on your face to remove the excess.

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4/Remove your makeup from oily skin

A micellar water is probably the best option for you. Pick one that is also moisturizing to avoid getting any drying effect on your skin (otherwise, it could make your face shine even more because the skin will create more sebum to protect itself).

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5/ Remove makeup on a skin which is prone to redness

Your skin has redness so it needs vegetable oil and really soft products. Always rinse with lukewarm water, warm and cold water are way too agressive and just make things worst. If your rednesses are permanent, avoid greasy makeup remover and pick aqueous products like cleansing milks or micellar waters.

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Source : Glamour
Photos : andbeautyiseasier, alerterousse