5 Tips to prolong the life of your clothes

Knowing how to take care of your clothes is paramount if you want to lengthen their lifespan. To do this, you need to know when to change and how to wash them… These tips will help you change your habits, and your latest Levis will thank you!

1) Don’t wash your jeans often!

Are you someone who wears their jeans only 3 times and then washes them? Bad idea! Avoid washing them often and only stick them in the machine when they are very dirty or stained. To look after them, place them in a plastic bag then put into the freezer and leave out in the sun for the day to dry!

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2) Stop hanging your t-shirts on hangers

Hangers deform your t-shirts and will destroy the fibers. The best solution is to fold them.

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3) Heal leather

To avoid wear on your shoes, jackets and leather bags, apply some gentle soap by wiping it on with a microfiber fabric. Allow to dry then apply a special leather balm.

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4) Washing your swim suit only in water

Banish the soap in your wash when you clean your swimsuit, and favor a good rinse with clear water. Then dry it upside down in the shade so as not to damage the colors. Prefer a horizontal surface during drying to retain its elasticity.

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5) Space the washes

Prefer a hand-wash rather than a machine, as it is softer and respectful of your clothes. Wash inside out to protect the colors, and rinse thoroughly.

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