5 Tips to prevent laddering your tights

As we slowly leave the winter weather behind and enter Spring we daren’t bare our legs just yet. Rather than wearing the dark black or coloured tights we will be opting for skin tones with our pretty dresses and skirts. However the thinner the tights, the lower the denier and results in potential ladders. It can be very problematic when out and about and you find you have laddered your tights with no spare pair on you. Here are 5 tips to help prevent laddering so you can have pretty pins throughout the season.

1/ Freeze your tights

Use a freezing tip: rinse your tights with clear water just after you’ve bought it, then put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer the whole night. Leave them to thaw a few moments the next day before putting them on. The cold makes it possible to tighten the stitches and make them more resistant.

2/ Spray on some hairspray

Spray onto your tights some hairspray to strengthen the fragile knitted tights. Leave to dry before you put them on. After washing your tights re apply.

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3/ Don’t touch your legs

True tights give you soft feeling legs, but to make them last longer stop touching them! Your rings, bracelets and other jewels can risk breaking a thread and creating a big ladder.

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4/ File your nails

An obvious tip, but sometimes forgotten. File your nails before putting on your tights to avoid causing a ladder by ripping it against a nail. Also roll up the tights to put them on rather than passing your foot through.

5/ Repair your ladders with clear nail varnish

If you unfortunately get a ladder, don’t panic apply a little clear nail varnish to the top and bottom of the ladder to prevent it getting any bigger.