5 tips to dry your hair naturally and make it perfect!

Blow drying one’s hair has always been a tedious work. And if you’ve decided to stop it and let your hair dry in the open hair, there will be less damage. However it can sometimes be tricky to get perfect hair without looking like it is only made of frizzy tangles. Here are 5 tips to tame your wet hair.

Use cotton to dry your hair

When rou ub your hair softly with a terry towel, you can notice that it gets frizzy. To avoid it, do exactly the sme thing using an old cotton t-shirt. It will absorb the water without ever damaging the hair!


Pick the right products

Get rid of products activated with the heat from your hair dryer, you don’t need them anymore. It is preferable to use products that don’t need to be rinsed. Some of them can give you a natural wavy effect if it is what you are looking for. You can also use serums for extra shine or to avoid frizz. Remember not to use these products on your roots to avoir weighing down your hair. Concentrate on the ends and basically the whole length of the hair.

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Natural waves

As your hair is wet, create large plaits without tying your hair to secure the plaits. When you tie your hair, you damage it. You can also roll your hair around a headband. Both techniques will create cute waves.


Don’t play with it

You may be used to playing with your hair but it is something you should really avoid if you don’t want them to become greasy. It could also prevent them from drying properly.

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No ponytail

As we’ve already said, your shouldn’t tie your hair because it might really damage it. So even if wet hair is unpleasant, don’t tie it and allow it to dry freely.