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5 tips to dress for work and feel comfortable in all settings

Your outfit, adapted to your job, to help you feel comfortable in all circumstances

Are you feeling apprehensive before starting a new job, not knowing exactly what the dress code is? Unfortunately, it people can judge you based on your outfit, at least in the beginning. Learn how to dress appropriately for your job, without completely sacrificing your own style and personality.

1/ Ask what your friends think

Your closest friends, as long as they are not afraid to be honest with you, can help you with your choice of outfit. Show them the outfit you have chosen and listen to what they think. Often, we don’t realise that the image we convey can help us progress in our careers.

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2/ Research online

If you don’t know how to dress on the first day, or for an interview, do a little web based research and have a look at how interview candidates dress in online videos. That should give you an idea of the types of things it is appropriate to wear.

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3/ Bet more conservatively at the start

Unless you are trying to get recruited by a wacky designer, going for a conservative look that will appeal to all tastes has a certain merit. That said, you don’t have to dress as if you’re in mourning either: a nice black blazer with a smart cut can be teamed with a pink shirt, or some original accessories (earrings, bracelets, shoes…). Safe but stylish at the same time!

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4/ Adapt your outfit to your profession

In certain companies, they have a dress code specifying that you must dress appropriately to your job. In this case, it is important to respect the dress code, without completely losing your personality either. Are you a salesperson for a cosmetics boutique? A thrown-together outfit and out-of-bed hair are obviously out of bounds. Or have you just got a job in a startup, where all your twenty-something colleagues are in their sweatshirts all day? You can maybe leave the 5 inch heels and glamour make up at home! In short, adapt your outfit to your job type and work environment, and adapt your wardrobe without having to change your style.

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5/ Accept criticism

If one of your managers makes a comment on your outfit, as long as it is not derogatory or demeaning (in which case it may be a matter of harassment), you can ask them for the reasons for their comment. Your outfit may not be appropriate for your job, and your boss may want to be frank with you, to help you improve your professional relations. Instead of sulking over it, accept what they have to say -it could help you in the end to progress your career.

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