5 Tips to be comfortable naked

How to be relaxed when naked?

On the beach, in his room or in front of your partner, to waddle in your birthday suit can be uncomfortable and nerve wracking! Here are some tips to learn how to undress and not be embarrassed of your body.

1/ Move

Doing an activity that appeals to you can help you appreciate your body with its true value: yoga, oriental or modern dance, or just walking for the most lazy, activities that will allow you to love your body.

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2/ Start by undressing when you are alone

Sometimes, putting oneself naked at home can still fill you with embarrassment, even alone face to face with the mirror. Try progressively to remove items of clothing until it starts to feel natural. You can even, if you dare, cook naked! This will help you in the future, to be comfortable in front of someone.

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3/ Sleep naked

You will start to feel more comfortable and sensual by sleeping naked with different zones of your skin feeling the contact of air, sheets and throws.

Capture : Titanic, James Cameron

4/ Treat yourself

Buy yourself some sexy lingerie. If you are wearing mismatched underwear you won’t feel comfortable about stripping down in front of your partner. It will give your confidence a boost.

5/ Attempt the naked selfies

You want to surprise your man by sending him a selfie worthy of the name? Send him suggestive photos: parts of your body if you do not dare the integral (often less subtle). But be careful, everything is about light and pose: do not light candles, contrary to what is thought, it will have the effect of creating odd shadows on your body. Instead, turn on a soft light and turn off the large ceiling lamp. Adopt a flattering pose and do not reveal everything if you do not feel like it.

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6/ Spray some scent

A perfume is enough to dress us. Perfume yourself before unveiling yourself, with a sensual juice, that will help you feel sexy!

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Source : Glamour Magazine