5 tips for making up for a bad haircut

Do you want a new hairstyle without going to a hairdresser? Despite having watched a tutorial on the internet, your fringe which you cut is somewhat assymetrical….. The hairdresser cut your hair too short? No need to panic, we will show you how to counteract the damage in several ways.

1/Boost the hair growth

Unfortunately if you have cut your hair, or had your hair cut too short, there aren’t 36 solutions. Patience is integral in order to wait for your hair to grow back…. You can boost it by eating dried fruit such as almonds which are rich in omega 3 as well as oily fish. Eggs, bananas, brewers yeast and oats are foods rich in silica which permit to help grow your hair.


2/Texturise your hair

Whilst waiting for your hair to grow back, you can play with the texture to create an illusion: if your hair is curly or wavy, it will appear even shorter: think about straightening your hair which will loosen the curls and lengthen your hair. For straight hair, you can however curl it in order to give your hair volume around your face!


3/ Apply hair accessories

Hair accessories are fashionable, make the most of them! Mask the damage under a pretty felt hat, hide your too short fringe under a floral headband, attach your hair with a hair accessory…


4/ You can place hair extensions

If you are really not satisfied with your short haircut and you cant find any other solution, you can add extensions the same colour as your hair whilst waiting for your hair to grow. A little bit more expensive than the others, this solution will help you to hide the damage temporarily!


5/ Flatten the fringe

Ah the fringe… A feature which is popular amongst trendy women yet a disaster if messed up! If they have cut too much of your fringe, invest in a pretty headband,  or a scarf, even a hat in order to stick it onto your forehead. This will help to straighten it and help you to gain several centimetres whilst waiting for it to grow back again, which is always faster than the lengths, luckily.


And above all dont lose hope, it is just a bad moment to get through!

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