5 Tips for a longer lasting sun tan.

You came back from a dream week in Marbella and your amber skin betrays you by loosing its tan too quickly? To continue making everyone envious, and prolong your tan longer, these practical hints will help you to keep your golden skin.

1/ We hydrate, again and again

You do not learn anything new, by stating that the first gesture to do after returning from a holiday, when it comes to keeping golden skin, is to hydrate it. Use and abuse moisturising creams of any kind (after-sun, if they are effective, are mainly also good marketing, and a moisturiser will provide the same effect). Morning and evening, after each shower, you will creame wherever the sun has set its rays!

5 astuces pour prolonger son bronzage

2/ Wash with an ultra-moisturizing shower gel or an oil

It is now that your skin needs to drink, so give it enough to hydrate also during the shower! Indeed, the limescale water has the effect of drying the skin a little, and if you do nothing before or after, your tan will go faster. In addition to a good moisturiser after your wash, treat your skin with an ultra-moisturizing shower oil or a cream with the same effect, which will spare you unnecessary dryness.

5 astuces pour faire durer son bronzage plus longtemps (4)

3/ Body scrub twice a week

We are often afraid that a scrub will remove our tan and tend to not do them, at least during the holidays. On the contrary, it would be a shame to deprive ourselves knowing that the exfoliation, if it is carried out smoothly with micro-balls and not very aggressive, brings back the glow to our skin and would allow your skin to tan more easily and more homogeneously. And what goes for the body also applies to the face!

5 astuces pour faire durer son bronzage plus longtemps (2)

4/ We eat orange fruits and vegetables, rich in beta-carotene

Carrots, apricots, mangoes or melons, these orange fruits and vegetables, rich in beta-carotene, will allow you, once the summer is over, to prolong your tan and give a nice color to your skin.

5 astuces pour faire durer son bronzage plus longtemps (5)

5/ Sublime your tan with subtle makeup

The goal is not to make an illusion by applying a foundation that is too dark, but to sublimate your tan while fresh with a bronzing powder, which has the advantage to illuminate and boost the tanned complexion of your sun kissed skin!

5 astuces pour faire durer son bronzage plus longtemps (3)