5 Things You Do not Know About Your Clitoris

Credit: Flickr

Your clitoris did not tell you everything!

The first ultrasound of the clitoris, during the sexual act, doesn’t date from that long ago, it was in 2008.  Many of us still do not know what the clitoris is really about, what form it takes, and how to use it. Here are some facts about this strange organ, which you may not yet know.

1/ The clitoris has a Y-shape

Contrary to what one might think, the clitoris actually has a Y-shape, and consists of two pairs of branches, the first of which forms the bulb, and the second, the corpus cavernosum. The clitoris glans, which we know better, is not the only one to give us pleasure, because all the organs of the clitoris are linked.

Credit: Wikiwand

2/ The clitoris, a female organ dedicated solely to pleasure

Unlike the male sex, the clitoris is an organ entirely devoted to female pleasure, which has no reproductive function and is not useful for urinating. An organ of pure pleasure that is a pity to not use!

3/ The clitoris is an organ in perpetual motion

Based on ultrasounds of the clitoris in action, scientists have observed that the clitoral glans is pushed forward when the perineum contracts. It will then come to rub against the penis during penetration, and double the volume during orgasm.

4/ The clitoris is more sensitive than the penis

When you know that the penis has about 6000 nerve endings and the tip of a finger 3000, the clitoris wins with 8000! Which explains why its so sensitive.

Crédits : Pixabay

5/The size of the clitoris is varies

Just like the male sex, the size of the clitoris varies from one woman to another (between 5 mm to 1 cm). Even if, according to some specialists, bigger clitoris’s reach orgasms more easily, the pleasure is not a question of size!

Crédits : Pixabay