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5 things big breasted women should know

Having large breasts can be a real asset if you know how to highlight it and avoid specific patterns and clothing errors. Indeed, a badly chosen outfit can appear slutty or make you appear even bigger. Here are a few tips for woman with generous chested women:

1) Stay away from certain fabrics and patterns!

-Lycra (like shirts which are too tight) can give the impression that you are heavier than you are, and make your body warm. Wear softer fabrics which can let your breasts breath.

-Patterns such as horizontal stripes and large spots can give the impression of enlarging your silhouette and therefore the chest.

2) Avoid floaty clothing

-Even though your wearing softer fabrics, trying to hide your chest under large, baggy tops won’t help.

-Big jewels on your collar will also give the effect of being top heavy.

3) Clothes to avoid

-Empire line dresses risk showing off your chest and giving the impression that they are falling and heavy.

-Avoid high necks or roll necks.

4) Best clothes

-A V neck or a U neck will  enhance your chest but not close it off. Prioritize loose collars that aren’t tight onto your chest.

-Wear darker colours

5) A good bra, is key!

-So that your chest is pretty, you need a good supportive bra.

-If you are wearing the wrong bra, your breasts will drop and be heavy, causing back ache. Thicker straps will help support you.

-A full cup covering your breasts for added support.

-Stores now sell a variety of bras for large chested women in a variety of pretty colours and fabrics. Don’t be shy being big breasted is sexy!

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