5 techniques to create pretty and unique buns

Sometimes it only takes a cute bun to keep unmanageable hair into place. The bun doesn’t have to be complicated to look great. Just take a few bbby pins, hair spray…and have a look at these pictures to get inspiration.

Create a bun with a sock


1) Cut off the toe area and roll the fabric to create a doughnut shape.

2) Pull your hair into a ponytail on top of your head. Pull your ponytail through the center of the sock doughnut.

3) Starting from the end of your pony, begin tucking and rolling the ends around sock doughnut. You should use the same motion you used to roll up the sock in the first step.

4) Roll to the base and tidy up loose ends and strands with bobby pins.

A simple bun with a twist


1) Pull your hair into a ponytail on top of your head.

2) Make sure to leave a bit of hair hanging out for the braided portion.

3) Create a simple ballerina bun.

4) Braid the remaining section of hair and secure it with a clear rubber elastic. Take your plait and secure it around the base of the bun using hairspray and bobby pins.

Twisted bun


1) Twist your hair until you get the perfect shape.

2) Secure the bun around the base using hairspray and bobby pins.

A messy bun


The tutorial :

A plaited bun