5 simple hairstyles for long hair

Do you have the luck to have  hair as long as Angelina Jolie? You can be proud, many people end up by cutting their hair in order to avoid maintaining it. Long hair demands efforts daily and it is not always easy to know how to style it. Here are 5 hairstyles to wear in everyday life to gain control of your hair!

1/ A plaited chignon in record time


– Start by separating your hair into 3 equal strands.
– Plait these 3 strands from the back of the neck.
– Roll each strand with the help of an elastic onto each other in order to obtain 3 plaited twists.
– Fasten the twists on the neck with hair slides.

2/ Half a bohemian plait for wavy hair


– Take 2 fine strands near the temples
– Plait them both
– Join them in then centre and attach them with an elastic band

3/ A bun for straight hair


– Untangle your hair.
– Put it into a pony tail , then into a chignon and leave the lengths to hang down
-Separate the chignon into two parts.
– Take the lengths which exceed and roll it around the separation of the two chignons to create a knot.
– Fix it with hair slides

4/ Easy twisted Chignon


– Make a line and divide your hair into two parts
– Twist each part and attach it into a low  pony tail.
– Take the lengths which exceed and roll them into the interior of the base of your pony tail.

5/ Express curls


– Start by making a high or low pony tail (either or)
– Divide it into 3 big strands and roll them separately around your curler.
– Unravel your hair once it has cooled down then untangle it with your fingers in order to separate the strands and accentuate the curls.

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