5 questions to ask yourself before having a tattoo made

Many girls have become tattoo fans and are completely adddicted to them. Others hesitate as to whether to get one done. In each and every case it is important to ask yourself several questions before getting a  tattoo.

A tattoo  can be very beautiful (except when it is not done correctly) as well as being permanent and eternal. Ask yourself the right questions because afterwards it will be too late. The choice of a tattoo must ensue a responable and balanced decision which takes into account all types of possible situations (skin changes due to pregnancy, change of taste, fashion trends…)

Does your tattoo you wish to have done hold a symbolic meaning?

You have found a motif which is esthetically pleasing and nice. But what does  it signify for you?  Be careful of your choice, it is preferable that the motif that you want is symbolic for you (an important event in your life, a personnality trait) and not a fashionable motif which becomes a common trend.


Is it in the right place ?

A tattoo is for  life. Once the motif has been chosen it is a matter of choosing where to put it. If you dont want to get bored of it, place it in a less obvious place other than the wrist or the arm and rather in a more intimate zone. Dont forget that your skin changes with time and if your tattoo is in a zone susceptible to change form be careful of  deformations (when you are pregnant for example)

Be careful of tattoos which are too visible (on the face or the neck) because unfortunately even today tattoos are not always accepted and are still slightly a taboo amongst some people.

The most important thing is to find a flattering location for the motif which is also discreet so as to be able to hide it when necessary.


Why do I want to have a tattoo ?

Fashion trend ? Wanting to copy a friend? You risk to regret your choice quickly! But if you decide to have a tattoo because you feel it is important for you and that it represents something essential in your eyes (a philosophy, a passion, a life event) go ahead!


Will I regret it?

Tattoos done spontaneously may be deeply regretted. Avoid tattooing your boyfriends initials or your best friends name. Life changes can make you regret your choice!

Once again choose a motif and a place which corresponds to your true personnality and taste.

Can I handle the pain or not?

Tattoos are very painful, and certain areas on your body are more sensitive than others (where the skin is thinner for example on your ribs or on your ankle for example) You must prepare yourself psychologically to endure some pain whilst the tattoo is being done if you want it to be well accomplished.


Source : rougeframboise