5 postures that can change your life in just a few minutes!

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Stand like Superwoman!

The way we hold ourselves, how we walk, sit or get up can greatly influence how others see us. But this could go as far as to change how we see ourselves. Amy Cuddy, an American psychologist known for her online talks, claims that adopting a confident posture, even if you don’t feel confident, can increase the feeling of self-confidence, and have an impact on your professional and personal success. So do you know the best postures to adopt at work, or on a date? Learn how to maximise your posture, and change how people see you.

1/ Stretch out

Slouching isn’t going to make you feel strong! Don’t hesitate to stretch regularly -the arms, the legs, the hands, etc. You’ll notice the difference!

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2/ Imagine you are Wonderwoman

Convince yourself that you are all powerful: spend a few minutes in this super-heroine posture: standing with your hands on your hips, imagine a cape flowing behind you in the wind. You can also stand facing your desk, placing your hands flat on the table, shoulders forward.

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3/ Don’t speak too fast

There is nothing more effective than regular, clear and concise speech. Because when we are stressed, we tend to speed up our rate of speech, which is in fact counter-productive.

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4/ Don’t be afraid of silence

Many women have a deathly fear of awkward silences. Or any silences at all, in fact. However, silence can come in handy to give a natural rhythm to a conversation, and to give more importance to what you do actually say. In fact, people are less interested in what you have to say if you never stop talking!

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5/ Adopt an open posture

Shoulders back and chest out, chin up and back straight -this posture comes across as warm and open, but strong at the same time.