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5 original new uses for eye-shadow!

Your eye-shadow has more than one trick up its sleeve!

Did you know that eye-shadow can do more than decorate your eyelids? With a little thinking outside the box, it can be transformed into nail varnish, lip balm, eye liner, or even a touch up for your roots! Here are 5 new and unusual uses for your makeup kit.

1/ A new nail varnish

Are you sick of your usual eye-shadow? Don’t be so quick to throw it out, mix it with some transparent nail varnish to produce a new and original shade to adorn your fingertips!


2/ A tinted lip balm

Have you dropped your pink palette, and broken your eye shadows into a crumbly powder? Keep the powder and store it in a little glass jar. Mix with with a little lip balm using a spoon: Presto! A lip balm in a completely new shade!

3/ A touch up for your roots

If your eye shadow is a close enough match for your hair colour, you can mask greys by filling in a straight line of eye shadow close to the scalp.

Credits : Kathleen Kamphausen

4/ A soft eyeliner

Your brown eye shadows could substitute your usual eyeliner for a softer, more forgiving look and easier application. Dampen your eyeliner brush before application.

Credits :

5/ Add volume to your eyebrows

Wet your brush and dip it in an eye shadow that matches your eyebrow colour. Apply to boost volume and add definition.