5 non-sexual things that make you more attractive to men

Credits : Pixabay

Attractive qualities we would have never suspected

No, men are not only interested in our bums and boobs! It seems that they also have little secret penchants that they may be slow to admit to. Here are 5 non-sexual things that attract men, other than our anatomy!

1/ Having strong family ties

It seems that girls who are very close to their families have the edge when it comes to guys: men think, unconsciously or not, that they will be treated in the same way…

2/ Having a personality

But beware, this doesn’t mean being loudmouthed or obnoxious! Don’t confuse the two!

3/ To like singing

Singing along in the car, on a night out, or singing in the shower -men appreciate it when we sing at the tops of our voices! Of course, that said, there is such thing as going too far… Whatever the song, it shows an appetite for life and innate happiness, which can only be attractive!

Credits : Pexels/Pixabay

4/ Coming to his defence

There is nothing sexier than a woman who will argue passionately to defend her guy’s ideas with all her heart. A little like we secretly like it when they fight for us, from time to time…

5/ Taking care of your pet

Do you take care of your pet as if it was your child? Your guy can’t help but fall for the charm of this daily tenderness.