5 myths about buying second hand clothes

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Second had clothes are first class!

According to the Bureau of International Recycling, 70 % of the global population wears second hand clothes. So why not try it out for yourself? Here are 5 clichés that are wrongly believed about second hand clothes. In fact, second hand clothing offers many advantages: the material is robust (as it has been tested and retested), it has a unique character, you can find clothes from reputable brands for a more affordable price, not to mention the undeniable environmental advantages of reusing things.

Myth 1/ The clothes are dirty because they have already been worn

We have a tendency to think that new clothes are cleaner than second hand clothes, because they have never been worn. Don’t kid yourself! New clothes have also been tried on time and time again in the changing rooms! What’s more, they contain higher levels of chemicals (dyes, cleaning products, factory plastics, etc.) than second hand clothes which have had the time to get rid of these substances. In both cases, wash the clothes you buy before you wear them.

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Myth 2/ The shops are always a mess, I never find what I want

If you are allergic to browsing through charity shops, you can search online for whatever you are looking for. There are many second hand sites that allow you to search rapidly with a few simple key words!

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Myth 3/ It’s humiliating to buy second hand when I could buy new

Remind yourself that it’s not what you wear that defines you, but rather it’s you who defines what you wear! And what’s humiliating about buying a Chanel bag for a tenth of the price at a market? Or getting a high quality coat for the price of a few tops from Zara? Or unearthing a rare and unique piece in your local charity shop? Surely just because you can afford to doesn’t mean you should waste money! Furthermore, there are many deluxe second hand sites. Not the mention the fact that you are doing your bit for the environment. Because new clothes add to pollution too you know!

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Myth 4/ Second hand shops smell bad

It’s true that it is more pleasant to breath in the toxic fumes of new plastic and synthetic material that has come straight out of the factories, combined with the chemical perfumes they emit in the large chain stores…. As strange as it may seem, by buying second hand, you improve your health in ways: a few previous washes mean that second hand clothes are already free of their volatile toxic compounds!

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Myth 5/ The clothes are damaged and of poor quality

When you buy new clothes, you can never know how resistant they are going to be to being washed or how long they are going to last. As for second hand clothes, they have already stood the test of time, and of repeated washing and drying, and you’ll see a problem straight away. As soon as you see them on the rack, the poor quality clothes (which have shrunk, become pilly or gone out of shape) can be clearly seen. You know exactly what you are buying. What’s more, in general, the charity shops only accept good quality brands and clothes that are in good condition.

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