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5 Mistakes to not do before going to bed

Credit: Public domain
Credit: Public domain

Sleep, a key factor for health

We do not teach you anything new that sleep is extremely important for our health, both mentally and physically. Moreover, it has been proved that humans survive better without food than the absence of sleep. This means that a nights kip is vital to us! In spite of everything, the life we lead can lead us to commit some errors before we go to sleep… Here they are, so that you can avoid them.

1/ Use your telephone or computer 

If you have the annoying habit of Instagraming, Facebook liking or playing candy crush before going to bed, be aware that the blue light that electronic devices deliver has the effect of disrupting your brain activity. Swap over playing with your smartphone for a good bedside book, your sleep will be much better!

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2/ Drink water

Even if drinking water is great for your health, doing it before bedtime could wake you up much faster than you think! Drink throughout the day, but try to avoid liquids just before you slip under the duvet.

3/ Eating late

Digestion will have the effect of disturbing sleep: by working in this way, your stomach will not really be in the mood to go to bed, and will make you understand somehow… Best to eat dinner at least 4 hours before the ‘bedtime.

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4/ Drink tea or coffee

After 5pm, avoid drinking caffeine such as tea or coffee. Prefer herbal teas and infusions.

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5/ Keep your feet cold

Having cold feet can effect your slumber! Even if it’s not glamorous or sexy, put on pretty socks to enjoy a regenerating sleep without disturbance.

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