5 make up tips for women who wear glasses

It can be hard to find the right way to do your make up when you wear glasses. And yet, there are some key step that you should never forget and products that can more or less compliment your eyes dependin on the type of defect of vision that you have. Here are 5 make up tips.

1) Work on your base

Unfortunately when you wear glasses your eyes can easily appear tired and your dark circles show through more quickly. Correct your dark circles and reduce your eye bags. If you have blue or purple dark circles, use an orangey shade to neutralize the colour. On other dark circles, try a pink concealer to neutralize their colour. Then use a concealer that has exactly the same shade as your skin colour. It is also really important to unify the skin with a luminous foundation and add a little bit of colour with our blusher and your bronzer.

image3xxl (3)

2) Perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face and it is something you really need when you wear glasses.  You don’t necessarily need to do sophisticated HD eyebrows but do try to give them a nice shape.

image3xxl (2)

3) Make up looks which compliment your eyes

Depending on the type of defect of vision that you have pick different looks. Just remember that you can be a little bit more generous when applying your make up if you want it to be visible behind your glasses.

Longsightedness or presbyopia : Your eyes appear bigger when you wear your glasses. You can use a black pencil around your eyes and don’t use light eyeshadows or light shimmery products because they might make your eyes even bigger. Prefer darker shade and neutral colours.

Myopia : Your glasses will make your eyes smaller. Use light shades and shimmery colours on your eyes. You can also apply a light beigey pencil in your waterline.


4) Maximum lashes

When it comes to mascara, don’t be scared ! You can add another layer of mascara to open up the eyes even more. Don’t forget to curl your lashes in order to make sure it won’t touch your glasses. You could even try out transparent mascaras for a natural effect.


5) Lips are important

Concentrate on the lips for a cute fashionable preppy look without making any mistake. Indeed lipsticks are amazing for people who wear glasses especially if you don’t like to wear too much make up on your eyes.