5 Incorrect fashion rules!

Black makes you look thin, yellow is fattening, white is not for the pale… These fashion rules, sometimes misguided, might be preventing you from choosing some clothes that you like but don’t think you can or pull off! Don’t listen to the old wives tales for fashion rules, here are the 5 false fashion faux pas!: 

1/Black is slimming

It is often said that black is slimming, especially for those with a fuller figure who are looking to wear something that magically appears like they’ve dropped a dress size. I’m sad to announce girls; this is is false! The secret is not the colour but the shape and cut of the outfit. Some girls suit black better than others. Avoid black if you have blonde hair and very pale skin like the colour of snow, unless you want to look like Morticia!

robe noire

2/ Black and Navy blue don’t go together!

It has often been said in the past that putting an oufit together with black and navy is very bad taste. This all depends on your vision of things; but today these colours can work in perfect harmony. For a more modern look, don’t hesitate to mix it up with different fabrics. Times have changed!

noir et bleu marine

3/ Red and Pink are a bad colour combo!

We agree these colours, at first are not easy to put together, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t! High fashion designers took up the challange and it works! Pink and red are from the same part of the colour spectrum therefore put together they create a perfect combo! After all everything depends on on your individual tastes of the colour tone, go for it!

be-reserved-mode-capture-ecran-2012-img (1)

4/ Gold and silver don’t go together

Gold or silver, you have to pick? Why have we been lead to believe that these two metals can’t be worn together? WE CAN! There is nothing worse than wearing all gold- gold earings, bracelets, necklaces and rings- so tacky! Mix up the metals, and you will be on trend. Cartier made it their trademark and it’s fantastic. Don’t choose…mix!


5/ Pastel colours are only for brunettes with olive skin

Are you blonde with pale skin and don’t dare wear pretty pastels in fear of looking drained? Don’t listen to this myth, you have so much to gain from wearing pastel colours, which will highlight your porcelain skin. Actually pastel colours suits most skin tones and hair colours. Whether you are blonde or have light brown hair with pale or olive skin, or redhead with pale skin, go for it! Girls with dark brown/black hair and pale skin and the ones who will find it harder to pull of…


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