5 hairstyles that suit everyone, for people who never know what to do with their hair

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Do you simply never know what to do with your hair? Maybe a new cut, trying out a short crop would give you a fresh look. Or maybe not…. In terms of your expectations, the shape of your face and your lifestyle your hairstyle should reflect your personality, but shouldn’t get in your way. And for those who have no idea what suits them, here are a few styling inspirations that will work for everybody!

1/ The bun

Straight, thick or curly hair -the bun works for everyone! In fact it can open up the face and create volume in the roots.

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2/ A scarf

We all have bad hair days, those days when we need to hide greasy roots. The scarf is your new dry shampoo!

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3/ Double plaits

Fine or thick, straight or frizzy, these boxer braids work on all types of hair.


4/ The very high pony tail

Whether you have extra-straight hair, thick hair or frizzy hair, the result is always top!

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5/ Shoulder length

Whatever your hair type and whatever the shape of your face, shoulder length hair will fit you like a glove!

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