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5 great tips for organising your underwear!

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Practical tips for storing your lingerie!

It’s not too difficult to store your clothes: a hanger, a drawer or a shelf will do the trick. On the other hand, it can be hard to know how to organise your underwear, lingerie and bras. Here are a few genius tips that will help you keep things in order without damaging your delicates.

1/ A special bra wardrobe

Make space for your bras in the press instead of relegating them to the bottom of a drawer!


2/ Use jars for storing your panties

Transform your dressing table into a veritable boudoir, and organise your lacy panties in glass jars, sorting them by colour if you like for a pretty arrangement. An original idea that can become part of your home decor!

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3/ All-purpose clothes hangers

If you have extras in your wardrobe, you can keep a few wooden hangers for your bras, and attach them to a wall or the back of a door.


4/ A special panties drawer made from shoe boxes

Place home-made separators made from cardboard (from shoe boxes, for example), to organise your panties in your drawers.


5/ Unique cube-like compartments

In IKEA, you can find flexible separators in rigid textiles that will slide into any drawer, and come together like Tetris cubes!


6/ Clothes hangers

Decidedly, clothes hangers have more than one trick up their sleeves: hang your bras vertically from them, saving a great deal of valuable space.